Glowy ..... Crystal Clear ..... Faceted GORGEOUSNESS for Your Decollete ..... These Crystal 10mm "Chicklets" are Outstanding ..... and Sparkle Like CRAZY ..... Best Part is they go with EVERYTHING ..... Nuetral Tones to Vibrant to Pearls ..... And this One is Long Enough to Double ..... Wear as a Layered Look or Even a Multiple Wrap Bracelet ..... AND - Did I Hear Waist Chain???  Pair this With the Labradorite and Moonstone Diamond Pendant (Shown) ..... Wear it alone - or with Any of Your Other FAVE Short Dog Pendants - or Any of Your Current Other Faves ......


36" in Length with a 30mm Diamond Clasp



Clear Rock Crystal ..... Known as a Powerful and Universal Healing Stone ..... it Works on All Areas of the Mind and Body ..... Awakening, Amplifying and Transmitting Eenergy and Clarifying Thought Processes ..... An excellent Stone for Meditation ..... Directing Energies with More Intensity ..... Connecting to the Higher Self ..... Removing Negativity and Allows Access to Your Spirit Guides ....


Labradorite and Moonstone Diamond Pendant is available here:

36" Faceted Natural Crystal Bezel Chain with Diamond Clasp

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