Possessing a Quiet Soft Energy ..... and Creating an Affectionate Positive Blanket Around the Soul .....

This Crinoid Fossil Surrounded by Glistening Diamonds is Thought to Be 245 - 570 Million Years Old ..... Thought to Be that of Starfish , Sand Dollars, Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers ..... How EXQUISITE It is ..... Paired With More of Mother Nature's AMAZING Creations ..... Fossilized Sand and A Beautiful Slightly "Pinkish Tan" Edison Pearl .... Diamond Rondelles and Diamond Clasp


Fossilized Crinoid and Diamond Pendant Measures 50mm x 45mm with an additional 10mm bail


Fossillized Sand (Florida Sand !!!) Necklace Measures Just Short of 20" ..... Handknotted on a Matching Silk Cording ..... with Matte 15mm Beads, 2 - 8mm Diamond Rondelles, an 11mm Edison Pearl and 32mm Diamond Clasp

Fossilized Crinoid Diamond Pendant AND/OR Fossilized Sand, Pearl & Diamond Chain