Of Turquoise Days and Dark of Nights ..... Amongst the Moon Does Glow ..... Glistening Bits of Heaven ..... That Sprinkle Down on Us Below .....

I Had Fun Photographing this Necklace ..... Glowing Faceted Moonstones ...... Bezel set in Silver ..... Finished with a Diamond Clasp ..... and Suspended is a GORGEOUS Baguette and Pave Diamonds Surrounding a GORGEOUS Turquoise Teardrop ..... and Hugged by a Short Dog Jewelry DIamond Lotus .....


This is a CHOICE OF :

Moonstone Chain of Freeform Rainbow Moonstones finished with 2-4mm Diamond Rondelles and Diamond Clasp .... 36" in Length 




58mm (including Bail) Turquoise Teardrop Pendant with Baguette and Pave Diamond Surround




38mm (including Bail) Diamond Lotus Flower Pendant 


Moonstone Bezel Chain Choice With Or Without Diamond Pendants