Bangles....those Fun, Flirty, AWESOME Bits of Bling for Your Wrists ..... These Little Cuties are the Perfect Addition to Your Wrist Collection  ..... Fits the 6-7" wrists....But Can make them larger Upon request  ..... Each has Bezel Set Choice of Teardrop shaped Emeralds, or Round Faceted Opals or Moonstones ..... 

Includes 1 of either:

Emeralds set in 24k Vermeil bezel and Rhodium Sterling 

Opals set in Rhodium Bezel and 24k Gold Vermeil over Silver 

Moonstones set in  24k G Vermeil bezel and Rhodium Plated Silver


Opal, Moonstone or Emerald Bangles Choice

$90.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price