Calling all You Pink Gals ...... This is just YUMMY - GORGEOUS Matte Multi-Colored Pink Peruvian Opal Rondelles in all the most Perfect Shades of Pink ...... A AWESOME Stretch Design that has a Soft Grey LUMINOUS Akoya Pearl and 2 Diamond Rondelles to add JUST the Right Amount of Edginess to the Subtle Sexiness of the Pink ..... HEY We ALL Need a bit of EDGINESS with our Girly'ness Right!!!! :) And How Perfect for a Year Round Staple ..... This pairs AWESOMELY with Almost Every Color - Whether Similar Shades of Pink - to Turquoise, Blacks or Any Neutrals - Even Bright Vibrant Tones!!!!!

This Listing is for the Pink Peruvian Opal and Akoya Pearl Bracelet ONLY 


This Bracelet will Comfortably Fit the 6" - 6.75" wrist - BUT if you need it sized Up or Down - I can Accommodate that - Just send me your Sizing Needs ......

Pink Peruvian Opal & Akoya Pearl Diamond Stretch Bracelet, Boho Hippie Luxe, Bea