If I Could Reach Into the Heavens ..... I'd Give You the Moon and Stars ..... So You Would Always Find My Love ..... Shining Bright ..... No Matter How Far Away We Are ......

I LOVE Mixing My Metal Tones .... Cool and Warm ..... Uniting in Such a GLORIOUS Way ..... and How FUN are These Short Dog Jewelry Moon and Star Pendants ..... especially When Paired with a Alternating Tone Chain with Diamond Clasp ..... Available in 16" and 18" lengths .....


This is a CHOICE Listing of 

Two-Tone Necklace with Diamond Clasp in 16" or 18" Comprised of 14mm Alternating Links with a 30mm Double Sided Clasp "Paved" with Diamonds


Diamond Moon Pendant in 24K Gold Vermeil ..... 50mm Including Bail  


Diamond Star Pendant ..... 46mm including Bail in Deep Rhodium over Silver


As Shown ......

Two-Tone Necklace Choice with Diamond Clasp

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