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How to Wear Turquoise .....Year Round OF COURSE!!!!

There are No Limits to the Versatility of Turquoise .... It goes with almost any color ..... While Turquoise can come in all Shades of Green and Blue ..... as well as Yellow and Brown ..... the Most Common color is the Traditional Turquoise Blue or Aqua ..... Because You can Wear it with Nearly EVERYTHING You Own ..... It Can also be Worn Year Round .... Making This AMAZING Gemstone a Double Bonus!!!!

Wear it with black.

It really makes the Blues POP ..... Black also allows the Veins within the Stones to stand out adding Stunning Detail to the Piece .....

Pair it with other natural elements.

You know we already love to stack our bracelets, but adding layers of turquoise with leather and other elements is simply stunning.

Pair it with a bold color.

We love the way turquoise looks with a bold color, but it looks especially gorgeous with coral!

GOLD or SILVER ..... Either Way PERFECTION!!!!!

So Have FUN with Your Turquoise Jewelry ...... It's PERFECTION Year Round ..... From Festival BOHO to Formal Wear ..... You ROCK Your Boho Self!!!!!

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