The Healer - Of Heart or Soul - You Heal Me ..... Just with a Touch ..... Some Gemstones are Meant to Cleanse the Spirit and Heal the Soul ..... Created of Pink, Peach and Grey Moonstones, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Pink Opals and Pearls .....  Each Hand Selected and Placed Specifically in Its Order .....


This One is for The Healer in Us All ..... To Heal the Heart, Soul, and Spirit ..... Whether Personally or of Others ...... Emitting a Sense of Purity and Yet Subtly Sensual ..... Kindness and Love ..... All Handwrapped in Oxidized Silver Wire and Finished with a Glistening Diamond Clasp ...... Suspended is a Diamond Buddha Design ..... in the Feminine Form - and Signature Diamond Ohm Pendant ...... 


This is a Choice of the Chain, Buddha OR Both ...... the Ohm is found in a Separate Listing


Multi-Gemstone Pink Chain is 32" with Faceted and Smooth Stones ranging from 4mm to 18mm ..... with a 28mm Diamond Clasp


Diamond Buddha measures 48mm .... Inclusive of a 8mm Diamond Bail - Available in Light Antique and Darker Tone 



Diamond Buddha AND/OR Multi-Gemstone Diamond Clasp Chain Choice

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