These Magnificent Creatures are Unwaveringly Obedient to their Companions ..... Loyal and Loving to Their Family ..... Calm in Threatening Circumstances ..... Resolved when Set on a Path .....  It’s no Wonder the Buddha Saw Such Meaning in the Elephant and Chose this Miraculous Beast as the Vital Force to be Embodied by ALL Who Seek Enlightenment.


Joyous to Look at ..... Elegant to Wear ..... Spiritual to Behold ..... Covered in Diamonds with a Ruby Eye ..... Created in Oxidized Sterling Silver measuring 40mm x 30mm


The Ghana Bead with Diamond Clasp is found in a separate listing ..... The Handknotted Turquoise and Diamond Clasp Necklace with Diamond Pendant is Found also in a separate listing .....

Diamond Elephant Pendant