I Had a Dream of Serenity and Peace ..... With Breezes that Cooled My Heart and Mind ..... I Looked aside as a Peacock Passed By ..... Leaving His Sacred Feather ..... My Heart Felt A Calmness ..... and I Breathed Once Again .....

Diamonds in a Peacock Feather Design (LOVE) Suspended from a Diamond Clasp and the Must GORGEOUS Faceted Amethyst Rondelles and Hexagonal Diamond Rondelles ..... (SOLD OUT)


This is a CHOICE of the Pendant AND/OR Amethyst Chain(SOLD OUT) OR BOTH!!!!


AAA Faceted 6mm Amethyst Handknotted on Deep Amethyst Toned Knotting Thread Finished with 2 Octagonal Shaped 8mm Diamond Rondelles and 28mm Diamond Clasp at 16.5" in Length


50mm (Inclusive of 10mm Bail) Diamond Peacock Feather Pendant in GORGEOUS Antiqued Tone Silver 


Amethyst is the Most Popular Variety of Quartz Crystals that is Considered the Most Powerful and Protective Stone ..... It is a Semi-Precious Violet Stone used in Jewelry for its Healing Purposes ..... It has Been Sought After Throughout the Ages for its Stunning Colors and Ability to Stimulate the Mind and Emotions .....  Amethyst  Have a Long History of Meanings and Properties ...... All of Which are Positive..... as They Were Known to Bring Forth the Purest Aspirations of Human Kind ..... Known as the Stone to Ward Off Intoxication ..... Making it a Favorite of Those with Any Type of Obsessive Disorders .....


Diamond Peacock Pendant